Fork Seal Clip for a 1982 Suzuki GS850L

September 24, 2014

Instructions for replacing fork seal clips on a 1982 Suzuki GS850L motorcycle:

  1. Stare at recently removed, broken, and rusted fork clips.
  2. Find that rebuilding your forks cannot continue until new clips are procured.
  3. Google “1982 Suzuki GS850L fork seal clips”.
  4. Decide that ordering the part online will not yield same day delivery.
  5. Think.
  6. Travel to local bicycle shop and ask for two 15 gauge spokes.
  7. Endure guarded response to request, followed by questions about application.
  8. Convince bicycle shop employee that you are indeed worthy of paying for two spokes.
  9. Return to the garage with two spokes, six dollars poorer.
  10. Trace existing fork clip onto a piece of paper, improvising the sections that have dissolved over the course of 30 years.
  11. Take two sets of needle nose pliers and begin bending bicycle spokes into the octagonal shape of the factory part.
  12. As shaping progresses, refer to paper tracing to make sure proper dimensions are matched.
  13. Cut excess spoke end and spoke head using a pair of Park Tools CN-10 cable cutters.
  14. Again, confirm correct shape.
  15. Remark to self that the stainless steel spoke will not rust in the same fashion as the factory part and grin sheepishly.
  16. Insert newly minted fork clip into fork leg using a small screwdriver.
  17. Hear the satisfying click of the clip seating itself into the fork leg’s clip groove.
  18. Excitedly repeat the fabrication process for the clip for the other fork leg.
  19. Click.

Job well done.

Fork clip mod.