Bikes and Barns

June 2, 2011

In Fort Edward, New York, Niles Harris has a mini ramp in his parents’ barn. We had been talking about shooting a quick video of Niles riding his ramp for months. One afternoon I made the drive north to give it a swing. We spent a few hours filming without much of a plan.

At one point, I thought that an overhead shot would look great. I walked out on an exposed beam situated over one side of the ramp. Part way across I looked down to the barn floor, thirteen feet below and froze. Usually, heights don’t bother me. The combination of balance needed for the narrow beam while holding my camera spooked me. I continued out to grab onto an upright beam for support and filmed a few shots before scurrying back to safety. Lesson learned.

Standing on barn rafters, looking down.
From the rafters

Here’s the result of a few hours at Niles’ barn. Shot on my Canon T2i with the ISO completely cranked.

Niles Harris - Barn Session