Bikes and Barns

June 2, 2011

In Fort Edward, New York, Niles Harris has a mini ramp in his parents’ barn. We had been talking about shooting a quick video of Niles riding his ramp for months, so one afternoon I made the drive north to give it a swing. We spent a few hours filming without much of a plan.

At one point, I thought that an overhead shot would look great, so I walked out on an exposed beam situated over one side of the ramp. Partially across I looked down to the barn floor, thirteen feet below and froze. Usually, heights don’t bother me, but the balance needed for the narrow beam while holding my camera spooked me. I continued out to grab onto an upright beam for support and filmed a few shots before scurrying back to safety. Lesson learned.

Standing on the rafters
From the rafters

Here’s the result of a few hours at Niles’ barn. Shot on my Canon T2i with the ISO completely cranked.